abyane village

Abyaneh, a Diamond in the Heart of a Mountain

abyane village

It is believed that Abyaneh dates back to a thousand-and-five hundred years ago. This historical and old village located in Iran attracts numerous native and foreign tourists each year. In this article, Abyaneh will be introduced to you.

abyane village

General Information

Abyaneh Village is located in Barzrud Rural District, Isfahan Province, Iran. At the 2016 census, its population was 301 in 147 families. It is located in a valley, 40 km northwest of Natanz and 80 km southwest of Kashan. This fantastic village enjoys moderate and dry climatic conditions. In winter, it is raining and snowing. However, in the summer, there is usually no rain in the area.

abyane village

Abyaneh Living and Lifestyle

The people of Abyaneh emphasize keeping their traditions and customs alive. When you reach Abyaneh, you can meet people in traditional clothes.

abyane village

The men usually wear a robe, black baggy pants, felt hat, and giveh (a kind of soft and comfortable, hand-woven-top shoe that is common in several parts of Iran).

abyane village

The women also wear a white scarf with colorful patterns, a long embroidered shirt in various designs and colors, and an under-knee skirt.

abyane village

People’s income is from agriculture, horticulture, and animal husbandry, which are governed by traditional methods. Most women work with men in economic affairs. Wheat, barley, potatoes, and fruits such as apples, plums, pears, almonds, and walnuts are produced in Abyaneh.

abyane village

Abyaneh Architecture

Abyaneh is considered one of the most exceptional villages in Iran due to its history, tradition, and architecture. The architecture is unique as if you can see a four-floor village. The building’s façades are covered with red soil, whose mine is adjacent to the village.

abyane village

Most monuments in Abyaneh date back to the Sassanid, Seljuk, Safavid, and Qajar periods. Among the most important attractions of Abyaneh, the following can be mentioned:

abyane village

Abyaneh Fire Temple is the oldest historical monument in Abyaneh. The fire temple of Abyaneh is an example of a Zoroastrian temple built in mountainous communities.

abyane village

Abyaneh Castles. AByaneh enjoys three castles. Haman Takht is located in the southwest of Abyaneh. This castle was built about 200 years ago. Herdeh is located in the northeast of the village and belongs to herded neighborhood. Paleh is located northwest of Abyaneh. These castles were constructed to protect people.

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