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Iran Medical Tourism and Healthcare Services

Do you know that Iran is one of the most important medical tourism destinations in the world? To know more about Iran medical tourism and healthcare services in Iran, read this article and find out how our travel agency can help you through medical tours and healthcare services.

Iran has a prolific and long history in medicine. Medical texts which were discovered in Old Persian date back over one thousand years ago. It shows the importance of this science to Iranians.

A brief history of Medicine in Iran represents that medicine has always been an important issue for Persians. Today, Iranian physicians such as Dr. Khodadost, Dr. Mussivand, Dr. Samii, Dr. Shekohi, etc. are among the most famous physicians in the world due to their valuable services to the era of medicine.

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Healthcare in Iran

As mentioned before, Iran has a long history in medicine. There are great healthcare centers in all cities of Iran especially big ones such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, etc. distributed in both public and private sectors. These centers provide an acceptable standard of services.
In fact, Iran is one of the best countries for doing all kinds of healthcare services regarding its great and standard health infrastructures and services, having well-educated and well-trained medical staff as well as its cheaper services in contrast with western and eastern countries; and that is why it is the center of attention of patients and tourists who want high quality as well as low prices in healthcare services or medical operations.
It seems that private clinics and hospitals offer a slightly higher standard and better facilities; however, the public sectors also enjoy the best and most professional physicians and surgeons. It should be mentioned, however, that the cost of treatment in the private sector is quite higher than in the public sector. Nevertheless, the price and expense of healthcare, even in Iran’s private hospitals and clinics, are fairly cheaper than in other countries.

Iran Medical Doctor providing healthcare services

In short, most people prefer Iran healthcare services and choose Iran as a medical destination because:
• Iran enjoys great healthcare infrastructures in both the private and public sectors;
• There are great famous professional physicians and surgeons;
• Iran's pharmaceutical industry is also well-developed. You can find pharmacies in all cities and towns of Iran easily;
• The prices are affordable and cheaper than in other countries;
• The staff both in public and private centers can speak English. However, travelers can ask for their own language-speaking translators and guides.

These are very important items in health tourism that any medical tourist should consider.

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Popular Treatments in Iran

Iran is famous for its professional physicians and surgeons and its great healthcare infrastructures as well as the low cost of treatments. Some treatments discussed below are popular among medical tourists.

Cosmetic Surgeries in Iran

Iran is ranked first place in the world for the number of plastic surgeries done each year. Nose surgery (RHINOPLASTY), eyelid surgery, lip augmentation, all kinds of lift surgery (such as eyebrow, forehead, face, arm, thigh, neck, and breast), chin removal or reshaping, jawline, liposuction, buccal fat removal, etc. are among the most demanded surgeries in Iran. 

Iran Sun World Agency connects you to the best plastic surgery specialists in Iran who are highly trained and do the surgeries at reasonable prices with the best qualities. Just send us your request here.

Hair transplant surgery in Iran


Iran offers you the best services for nose surgery which is the most popular cosmetic surgery in Iran. Iran enjoys highly-experienced nose surgeons doing the operations with affordable costs you cannot find anywhere else. It is, therefore, considered a hot medical destination for those who are interested in doing this kind of treatment. Due to safe and effective rhinoplasty, Iran is called the “Nose Job Capital of the World”. The average cost for this kind of surgery is around $1500 in Iran while it is around $8500 in the US and $5800 in Europe.

Iran Medical Tourism offering Rhinoplasty services.


Iran is one of the best countries for hair transplants. Based on well-experienced experts, modern equipment, perfect techniques, best results, and short recovery periods, Iran attracts a lot of people interested in hair treatment each year. The average cost of a hair transplant is around $1000 in Iran. If you compare it with European and American countries, you will find it more reasonable.

Iran Medical Tourism Hair Transplant Image


Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery helps fat people lose weight in a short period of time. Due to highly proficient surgeons, modern clinics and hospitals, high-quality equipment, and low prices, Iran is a safe and affordable country to do all kinds of weight-loss surgeries. According to statistics, over 7000 bariatric surgeries were annually performed in Iran in 2017. “Gastric Plication” is one of the most popular weight-loss surgeries originally pioneered by an Iranian surgeon. Depending on the kind of surgery, the cost is around $2000.

Iran Medical Tourism offering Bariatric Surgery services


During the past years, Iran has become one of the best countries in the area of fertility treatment. Iran is a hot destination for those couples suffering from fertility problems. The great experts and physicians, modern technologies, high-quality services as well as reasonable costs all make Iran a great medical destination for this kind of problem. IVF, IVM, IMSI, ICSI, IUI, OI, PGD, PGS, Egg and Ovarian Cortex Freezing, Embryo Donation, Egg and Sperm Donations, and Microdissection TESE are different kinds of fertility treatments done in Iran, especially in Yazd and Isfahan. Isfahan Fertility and Infertility Center, Yazd Reproductive Sciences Institute, Royan Institute, and Avicenna Fertility Center are among the most important centers in Iran.


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Top Cities of Iran for Getting Healthcare Services

Shiraz is the center of medicine in Iran and even in the Middle East. There are professional physicians and surgeons in Shiraz. Shiraz offers you all kinds of treatments with the best quality, modern clinics and hospitals, great physicians, and good facilities. Shiraz is the center of transplant operations in Iran. This city ranks first in the world in liver transplant surgery. Experts from other countries come to Shiraz for gaining high expertise in this field.

Isfahan is one of the best and biggest cities in Iran. Isfahan Healthcare City recently opened with the aim of becoming a well-known international medical complex to offer the best quality treatments to health tourists. This complex is comprised of obstetrics and gynecology clinics, orthopedic, medical offices, etc.

Tehran as the political capital of Iran enjoys excellent facilities in the medical sector. Therefore, you can find well-trained doctors and modern clinics and hospitals there. It should be noted that, however, the cost of treatment in Tehran may be higher than in other cities in Iran.

For further information about healthcare services in the most important cities of Iran read this article.

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How can we help you?

Iran Sun World Healthcare Trip Procedures

Medical Tour Department of Iran Sun World travel agency will accompany you from the first moment you submit a request until the moment you leave Iran. The following contains the process for getting Iran medical treatments through Iran Sun World:
• Send us your request as well as your condition;
• Your request will be reviewed by our doctors;
• We’ll send you the doctor’s recommendations as well as the estimated cost;
• After your agreement, Iran Sun World’s travel consultants plan your trip;
• We ask IFM for your visa code;
• We’ll book your accommodations, and tickets and assign you a guide or interpreter;
• We’ll do your travel insurance;
• We’ll also book your hospital and clinics;
• You’ll collect your visa through the embassy (or at Iran International airports);
• You’ll start your journey;
• We’ll organize and handle your preoperative affairs;
• You’ll go to hospitals or clinics for receiving treatment;
• We are also with you in your post-recuperation process;
• You can also visit Iran and other cities by our plans (optional).

If you need any information, feel free to contact us. Talk with our consultants about your condition. We’ll offer you a list of high-quality clinics and hospitals meeting international standards as well as physicians and surgeons and book them in advance according to your budget. The cost of your treatment and the cost of your travel will announce clearly by Iran Sun World.
It should be mentioned that you will greet by your guide or interpreter at the airport from your arrival until your departure. S/he will accompany you during your stay in Iran and aid you throughout your treatment.

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We’ll organize all steps clearly and give you an itinerary from transferring to the hotel and clinic or hospital; visiting doctors; pre-operative and post-operative consultations with physicians and surgeons; doing the laboratory tests; checking, and planning your trip to other parts of Iran (optional); to your departure transfer. We’ll also keep in touch with you after your departure and answer the questions you may face after treatment.

Iran offers a wide range of low-cost treatments with high-quality services. Leave your travel plans and your treatment process to our professional team and travel safely to Iran to reach your goal in just a few days.

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Enjoy traveling to Iran, by Sun World, an Iranian Tour Operator with more than a decade of experience in the tourism industry and tour organizing.

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