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How to get Iran Visa?

A to Z of Iran visa: rules, procedures, and costs

Applying for an Iran visa involves steps that vary depending on which visa type is requested. You may have encountered some questions when you decide to apply for an Iran visa. We try to answer some of the frequently asked questions here.

  • What are the steps to apply for an Iran visa?
  • How much does an Iranian visa cost?
  • What are the conditions for traveling to Iran without a visa?
  • When is the opening date of the Iran visa after the outbreak of Covid-19?
  • How to apply for Iran multiple entry visa?

Iran Sun World, a famous Tour Operator in Iran, can help you in getting an Iran visa. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us (+98 939 918 1249). Our visa and travel experts can answer all your questions regarding visas and travel to Iran.

Iran Visa Requirements

There are different types of Iran visas. Different documents are needed for each type of Iran visa. But the following documents are common to all visas.

  • Passport (with at least six months of validity beyond travel date);
  • Digital personal photo (in color; with a plain white or off-white background; without hat or head covering, and eyeglasses (except in rare circumstances when eyeglasses cannot be removed for medical reasons)); and
  • Filling out Iran visa application form.

Note: Due to the current condition imposed by Covid-19, it is necessary to have a Covid-19 vaccine card showing you are considered fully vaccinated with 2 doses, and a negative PCR test taken at most 96 hours before departure (for people over the age of 12).


Iran Visa Application Methods

To obtain an Iranian visa, you must apply through a reputable host inside Iran. The type of visa determines who your host is. For example, for a tourist visa, a travel agency is your host; for a business visa a reputable company should be your host; for a student visa, you should apply for a reputable educational center in Iran. You can read more details on “DIFFERENT TYPES OF IRAN VISA”.

Iran Sun World Tour Operator offers you an easy and safe way to apply for an Iran visa. Just contact our experts.

The Procedure for getting Iran Visa?

The steps for obtaining an Iran visa, in general, are as follows:

1- Selecting the type of Iran visa;

2- Preparing the required documents based on the type of Iran visa;

3- Applying for an Iran visa from a host inside Iran;

4- Receiving the visa reference code (visa code) from the host within up to 7 working days; and

5- Referring to the Iran consulates in your country and receiving a visa - or receiving an arrival visa at Iran international airports.

Based on its policies and diplomatic relations, Iran issues arrival visas to more than 70 countries. You can find the list of these countries and more information in "IRAN ARRIVAL VISA".

Iran visa

Apply for an Iran Visa through Iran Sun World Tour Operator

You can get two types of tourist and medical visas through Iran Sun World Travel Agency and Tour Operator. The process of applying for Iran tourist and medical visas is as follows:

1- First, consult our expert. Contact +98 939 918 1249 or fill in the Contact Us Form.

2- Second, fill in the Iran visa application form, presented on our website, and upload a scan of your photo and passport. Wait for your visa code within 7 workdays.

3- Third, receive your visa code.

4- Last, go to the Iran embassy in your country with your visa code and receive your visa or receive it at Iran international airports.  

You can find the list of countries that can receive Iran arrival visas, here.

What Is Iran Visa Authorization Code?

Iran Visa Authorization Code which is also called the Iran Visa code or Iran Visa Tracking Code is a code that contains numbers and letters issued by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for those intending to travel to Iran. Through this code, Iranian visitors or Iranian travelers can have their Iran Visas stamped on their passports.

Authentic Iran Travel Agencies or Iran Tour Operators can apply for an Iran visa authorization code.

Iran Visa Fee

The visa fee consists of two parts. The first part is related to the cost of the visa code, which is received by the travel agency or any other host; this cost depends on the type of visa requested. The second part is the special fee to be paid at the embassy or upon arrival at the airport which varies according to the nationality of the applicant. Check out the Iran visa on arrival fee for different countries in this article

Iran Visa Extension

If a traveler wants to spend more time in Iran, s/he must go to the Immigration and Passport Police Office in the city of her/his residence 1 to 3 days before the expiration date of the visa and apply for an Iran visa extension. It is not possible to extend a visa through Iran travel agencies.

The cost of an Iran visa extension varies depending on the type of visa and the nationality of the applicant. It is possible to extend the visa twice; i.e. if the traveler has a 30-day Iran visa, s/he can extend it another 30 days and stay in Iran for up to 60 days. For a 90-day stay in Iran, the traveler needs the approval of the Police Office of Foreign Affairs.

Documents required to extend an Iran visa include:

  • The original passport with copies of it;
  • A photocopy of the original Iran visa and last Iran entry seal;
  • Two personal photos;
  • The form needed to be filled in; and
  • Pay for the visa extension

Iran Sun World will make a comfortable trip for you by organizing all parts of your trip. contact us.

Visa Policy of Iran

Iran visa policy refers to the policy that most foreign citizens need to follow when entering and staying in Iran.

The US, British and Canadian passport holders can stay in Iran for 30 days.

Israeli citizens generally do not have the right to travel to Iran.

In addition, Iran's visa policy specifies that citizens of some countries can travel to Iran without a visa.


Iran without Visa

According to Iran's visa policy and the Iranian government's diplomatic relations with countries, citizens of several countries can travel to Iran without a visa just with a valid passport for a certain time, which depends on the political agreements between Iran and other countries.

Citizens of Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Egypt, Georgia, Malaysia, Armenia, Venezuela, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iraq, and Oman can travel to Iran without a visa.

The Latest News about the List of Countries That Don’t Need Iran Visa

For updated information (at the time of your travel) please contact our experts.

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Iran Visa Reopening Date

Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the issuance of Iran visas was suspended. With the start of public vaccination throughout the world, the issuance of Iran visas resumed for vaccinated tourists.

From October 2021, foreign tourists can apply for an Iran visa after 20 months.

Iran Multiple Entry Visa

If you receive a multiple-entry visa to Iran, you can enter and leave Iran several times during the validity of the visa. Multiple entry visas are mostly issued to people whose purpose in traveling to Iran is to participate in a business, economic, cultural, sports or exhibition event.

To obtain an Iran multiple entry visa, the applicant must have received an Iran work visa several times in a specified period.


Iran Visa for Americans

American, British and Canadian people can apply for Iran Visa before coming to Iran and visit Iran only through Iranian guided tours. They should find an Iranian travel agency and ask it to help them get their Iran visa code. They should send the necessary requirements i.e. their passport image and a personal photo as well as the Iran visa application form which is filled out by them. The Iran travel agency applies for their visa by Iranian MFA. After some days, the Iran visa authorization number will be sent to them by the agency. They can choose Washington as a place of visa issue or any city in any country that has an Iranian embassy. They can also get it on arrival.

Applying for Iran Visa Through Iran Travel Agencies

Did not you find the answers to your questions? You can contact our expert for advice on Iran visas.

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Iran Sun World, as one of the best Iranian travel agencies, performs all the steps of applying for an Iran visa as well as offering attractive tour packages in Iran. Just send us a message, and we will handle all your trip to Iran.


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