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Iran Sun World Tour Operator helps you to apply for an Iran visa online. You can easily fill in the Iran visa application form, presented on our website, and then leave everything to us! But before filling in the visa application form, please read this article for instructions and necessary information.

Applying for an Iran visa online eliminates the difficulty of applying for a visa in person.

Iran Sun World Tour Operator as Your Host in Iran

According to Iran’s official law, any foreign person traveling to Iran must have a host inside Iran. This host for foreign tourists and those seeking medical treatment is usually a travel agency inside Iran.

Choosing Iran Sun World Tour Operator as a host will accelerate the process of obtaining an Iran tourist visa and an Iran medical visa. Just send us the scans of your passport and your personal photo and complete the Iran visa application form.

If you have any questions about Iran visas or you need any information, please don’t hesitate to contact Iran Sun World experts:

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Tel & WhatsApp: +98 939 918 1249

Email: [email protected]

Iran visa experts will give you complete information on Iran visas, Iran visa on arrival, the requirements, the cost, and the conditions for entering Iran in Covid-19 conditions.

Iran Online Tourist and Medical Visa

Iran tourist visa has been suspended since 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Fortunately, the issue of Iran tourist visas has resumed since October 2021. Currently, for entering Iran, it is necessary to have a vaccine card and a negative PCR test.

Some foreign travelers who like to travel to Iran for tourism or treatment may not have enough time to apply for an Iran visa. These travelers just need to call our visa expert, submit the necessary documents, wait for the visa reference code to be issued, book their tickets, pack their luggage, and get their visas at Iran international airports easily.

Do you need more information? Ask your question from our visa experts or Contact us at:

Tel & WhatsApp: +98 939 918 1249

Email:[email protected]

Document Needed for Iran Online Visa

  • Passport; (only the first page; with at least six months of validity beyond travel date; in color; in JPEG or JPG; equal to or less than 500 kb; in 800 (minimum-width) x 600 (minimum-height) pixels);
  • Digital personal photo (in color; in JPEG or JPG; equal to or less than 500 kb; in 400 (minimum-width) x 600 (minimum-height) pixels; with a plain white or off-white background; without hat or head covering, and eyeglasses (except in rare circumstances when eyeglasses cannot be removed for medical reasons)); and
  • Completing the Iran visa application form.

Applying for Iran Online Visa through Iran Sun World Tour Operator

1- First, fill in our online visa application form [click here].

2- Second, send the scan of your passport and a photo.
3- Then, receive the Iran visa reference code after 3 to 7 working days.

Show Iran visa reference code issued by Iran Sun World at the Iran international airports or Iran embassies in your country, pay for your Iran visa, and get your visa.

Important Note: To know if you are of the nationalities who can get their visa on arrival, contact us:

Tel & WhatsApp: +98 939 918 1249

Email: [email protected]

Iran Visa Application Form

Completing the Iranian visa application form presented on the Iran Sun World website indicates you choose us as your host in Iran. But before that, it is better to contact us and send your request.

After sending your request and requirements, Iran Sun World, as your host in Iran, will perform all the steps of applying for an Iran online visa until the reference code is issued.

Iran Visa Reference Code

To obtain different types of Iran visas, it is necessary to have an Iran visa reference code. The Iran visa reference code is, in fact, the Iranian visa issuance permit for the applicant to get an Iran visa. The Iran visa code is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after reviewing your details.

Iran Sun World Tour Operator, as your representative and your host in Iran, will give your Iran visa reference code within 3 to 7 working days after passing the visa application process.



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