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Iran Pure Nature

(9 Days & 8 Nights) Code: 607

This package can be the best option for those who are interested in discovering Persian culture and nature and Iran Eco Tour. On this 9-days tour, you can visit the most important cities in Iran including Tehran, Shiraz, and Kerman. You can also visit Lar National Park as a protected area, Qeshm and Hormoz Islands, and also great Lut Desert. Transportation includes three domestic flights and the best quality land vehicle. You can visit the greatest monuments ever built in the world and experience thousands of years of history in just 10 days.

Route: Tehran – Qeshm – Hormoz – Shiraz – Lut Desert – Kerman – Tehran


  The price depends on group size and also the kind of hotel (top-rated ones are more expensive).
  For knowing the price of different Pax contact us, please.
  The itinerary can also be extended or shortened based on your request.

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Travel to Iran to visit our beautiful country!

Price Includes

   9 Nights Hotel Accomodation
   All transportation in destination location including airport transfer, flights, trains, automobiles, etc.
   Tour Guide
   Entrance Fees
   Visa Code Fee
   Travel Insurance

Price Excludes

   International Flight
   Visa Fee
   Visa Extension
   Any Private Expenses

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Day 1   Tehran

Upon your arrival, you can visit Tehran attractions including Golestan Palace, the former royal Qajar complex and the oldest historic monuments in Tehran. You can also visit the most important museums of Iran in Tehran including Jewelry and Carpet to see Persian art.

Day 2   Tehran - Damavand - Lar National Park - Tehran

On the second day, you can visit Mount Damavand, an inactive volcano that is the highest peak in the Middle East and the 12th most prominent peak in the world. It is also the highest volcano in Asia. It is located in the middle of the Alborz mountain range. You can reach Mount Tizkoh for taking some photos of Damavand. In the afternoon, you will reach Lar National Park. This 30000-hectare park is a protected area at the foot of Mount Damavand. It is home to large groups of plants, birds, mammals, etc.

Day 3   Tehran - Qeshm Island

Fly to Qeshm Island at 11:40. After lunch, you can visit Salt Cave, an impressive and geological hallmark turned into the salt cave as a result of the accumulation of seawater and Chahkooh, the layered structures like waves and beautiful geometric shapes.

Day 4   Hormoz Island

Leave Qeshm for Hormoz and visit its attractions such as the Portuguese Castle, the sea and the shore, etc. Come back to Qeshm for sleep.

Day 5   Qeshm Island - Shiraz

On this day, you can visit Star Valleys which is a rare geological phenomenon. Locals believed the valley has been named after the filling of a star centuries ago; Hara Forest is also worth visiting. At 20:05, fly to Shiraz, the Cultural Capital of Iran and the house of the Persian race where the Persian Emperor started ruling a vast part of the world.

Day 6   Shiraz

In the morning, you can visit one of the most beautiful mosques in the world, the Pink Mosque or Nasir al Molk Mosque which is famous for the dance of light and colors. Hafeziye, the tomb of the biggest Persian mystic and sonneteer born in the 8th century who had a great influence on Goethe also welcomes you. Afterward, you can go to visit two gorgeous ancient sites in the world: Persepolis, the glory of the Persian Empire, and the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire founded by Darius (486-522 B. C.); and Necropolis or Naghsh-e-Rustam including four large tombs cut into the cliffs.

Day 7   Shiraz - Shahdad Desert

Early in the morning, leave Shiraz for reaching Shahdad, a part of the Lut desert registered as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Enjoy walking on the sand, camel riding, and watching the clear night sky of the desert. It was measured as the hottest spot on the planet between 2005 to 2009.

Day 8   Shahdad Desert - Kerman - Tehran

After visiting sunrise in the desert and eating breakfast, you will continue to reach Kerman to fly to Tehran in the evening.

Day 9   Tehran

Transfer to Imam Khomeini Airport to depart.

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