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Shiraz, the City of Gardens and Poetry

Shiraz Travel Guide

Shiraz, the capital of Fars Province, is one of the most famous cities of Iran, located in the south of the country. With an area of 217 km, Shiraz is about 1484 m above sea level. At the 2016 census, the population of Shiraz was about 1,565,572. The beautiful city of Shiraz enjoys a moderate climate. As one of the oldest cities of Ancient Persia, Shiraz was a trade center for over a thousand years. The city was also the center of art in all forms.

Shiraz has a long history (as Long as 6,500 Years) and based on having excellent crafts, the most famous and greatest poets of Iran and having a lot of historical and archaeological sites registered in UNESCO, it is considered as the “Cultural Capital of Iran”. Hence Shiraz is one of the important tourist destinations in Iran with lots of attractions. Thousands of tourists visit this beautiful city each year.

Monuments of the most famous poets of Iran in Shiraz

Among the most famous poets of Iran, Hafez and Saadi lived in Shiraz. Hafez is also famous in the world and has a great influence in the West in such a way that Goethe, the renowned poet of German literature, called him Heiligen Hafis or Meister.

Hafez Tomb-the most famous poets of Iran

Hafez tomb


Saadi's Tomb - A world renowned Iranian poet and ethical teacher

Saadi’s Tomb – A world-renowned Iranian poet and ethical teacher


City of flowers, gardens, and nightingales

Shiraz is also famous as the city of flowers, gardens, and nightingales. The title has been devoted to Shiraz due to fantastic gardens seen in the city. You can visit the most gorgeous gardens of Iran such as Eram Garden, Afifabad Garden, Jahan-Nama Garden, Delgosha Garden, Nazar Garden, etc. Basically, Gardens of Iran or Persian Gardens are unique and have their own architecture. In fact, Iranian architects have symbolized heaven and paradise into their design elements. The gardens were called “Pardis” which means paradise in Farsi (the origin of the word “Paradise” is from old Persian “Pardis”).

When to travel to Shiraz

The best time for visiting Shiraz may be in spring. It is just like a little paradise. You can see the trees’ blossoms everywhere. “Naranj” or bitter orange is among the most famous trees planted in Shiraz. The smell of fragrant blossoms scattering everywhere captivate you while you’re walking in the streets. If you travel to Shiraz, you can understand clearly why Shiraz has been called “the city of gardens, flowers, and nightingales”. Shiraz is also called the “city of love”.


Eram Garden – Shiraz, IranEram Garden – Shiraz, Iran


Zinat-ol-Molk House with bitter TreesZinat-ol-Molk House with bitter Trees

Shiraz Day

The 5th of May is called “Shiraz Day” by Shiraz City Council. Because around this time (in the middle of spring) Shiraz really looks like a part of paradise with blooming trees everywhere and blowing breeze that scatters the smell of flowers all around the city. Therefore, each year, some special programs are held on this day. Visiting Shiraz attractions are also free on the “Day of Shiraz”. If you plan to travel to Shiraz or Iran this is the best time for your plan. That would be a memorable experience.

Shiraz is a twin town or sister city with Nicosia (Cyprus), Dushanbe (Tajikistan), Weimar (Germany), Pécs (Hungary), and Chongqing (China).

Shiraz Wine

Shiraz wine was also famous worldwide. The city had established a great reputation for producing the finest wine in the world in the 9th century. It was exported by the European merchants to the western countries in the 17th century. Indeed, Shiraz was considered as Iran’s wine capital. However, after the Iran Islamic Revolution, it has been prohibited to be sold.

Art in Shiraz

Shiraz is bold in the field of Art and Culture. It was the center of music before the 1979 revolution and different festivals were held there. Most music festivals were organized from 1967 to 1977 to hold 2500-year-old celebrations of the Persian Empire in the Pahlavi era. Moreover, Shiraz city is famous for its Khatam, the Persian technique of inlaying. Khatam is a wooden handicraft decorated with polygonal shapes made of camel stones and metal.

Shiraz-souvenirs-Khatam-Handicraft Khatam- Souvenir of Shiraz

Khatam-Souvenir-of-ShirazTissue Box made of Khatam


Shiraz-souvenirs-Khatam-HandicraftKhatam Handicraft-Inlaying Technique

Rug and carpet-weaving, mosaic and tile working are among prominent arts in Shiraz.

Medical Tourism in Shiraz

Shiraz also has a central role in health and medical tourism. It is considered as the most important medical Centre of Iran and even the Middle East which serves both Iranians and foreigners, especially from Arab countries. Shiraz has the best University of Medicine in the middle east and There are many developed medical centers with expert physicians in this city that can do complicated operations and surgeries with the least prices in contrast with European countries.

Who Travels to Shiraz

Shiraz is a very good destination for those who seek historical and cultural attractions or those who need medical care and surgical treatments with good quality and reasonable prices.

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In this article, you became familiar with the most important Shiraz attractions and hot spots, but it is not all. You can find more in Shiraz. So we invite you to visit this marvelous city.


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