Jashak Salt Dome, a Salty Paradise In Iran, Bushehr Province

Jashak Salt Dome Iran

Jashak is a village located southern Iran, between Dashti and Deyr countries, Bushehr Province. This village, laying in Zagros Mountains, is famous for its salt dome which is one of the most beautiful and typical of Iran salt domes. Gorgeous Jashak Salt dome spreads over an era of 3650 hectares was registered in Iran National Natural Phenomenon on 2010.

Jashak Salt Dome Iran

Jashak Salt dome as a magic and wonderful paradise is a hidden treasure in the heart of Zagros Mountains. The Jashak Salt Dome enjoy unique features such as salty glaciers, mountains, springs, holes and caves, etc.
The dome shining brightly like a snowy mountain can take you to the world of pure imagination where you can find tranquility and calmness in nature through God’s power and love.

Jashak Salt Dome Iran

Some parts of the Jashak Salt Dome are in red, orange, yellow and gray due to their metal elements. That is why they are called “Rainbow Salt”.
You can find water erosion all over the dome. One of the features resulting from erosion is a cave formed by the melting of salt sediments; another one is a series of columns called Takht Div; Gol Kalam (Cauliflower) Valley is also another feature in orange and white.

Jashak Salt Dome Iran

The area is home to animals such as fox, goat, jackal, hyena and birds such as sandgrouse, partridge, see-see partridge, bee-eater, swallow, etc. You can also find some plants such as Milkvetch and shrubs of Jujube, Bryophyllum and lichens.

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